Letters to the Editor

Backs Fleetwood; expects bi-partisanship

I would like to express my support for Seth Fleetwood, a candidate for 42nd District Senator. I believe he will work hard to build bridges between good, hard-working legislators on both sides of the aisle in Olympia.

I recently spent a session working in the Washington State Legislature as an aide and had the opportunity to get a first-hand glimpse of the kind of partisan grandstanding that is keeping our state government from doing its job. Earlier this year, the Republican-controlled Senate not only vowed to block a majority of Democratic bills but it also refused to pass a capital budget for 2014. Their inaction not only impacted the quality of education offered at our K-12 and higher education institutions but it also cost us high-paying construction jobs across the state.

Like Seth, I believe some of the most important legislation is bi-partisan legislation. But when voters elect people who hate government into office, they shouldn’t be surprised when government stops working. And a government that doesn’t work doesn’t serve anyone.

The 42nd Legislative District needs a candidate who hasn’t sold their soul to Big Oil, the American Legislative Exchange Coalition, and myriad corporate campaign contributors. We need someone real. I believe we need Seth Fleetwood.

Tara Nelson