Letters to the Editor

Candidate says taxes not fair to all

My opponent, a lifetime Republican party operative, espousing right-wing values, gave her interpretation of the “Tax Policy” platform of Democrat Party. The party website says: “Fair and equitable taxation to provide state revenue that meets constitutional requirements, cares for the most vulnerable, and promotes the common good; a progressive tax system at both the federal and state level, including taxing unearned income at the same rate as earned income, a state income tax offset by cuts in regressive taxes, a state capital gains tax, eliminating the business and occupation tax in favor of a corporate income tax, and a financial transaction tax on Wall Street trading.”

I believe that our sales tax is an unfair tax on the low income citizens and business and occupation tax is complex and unfair to small businesses. The dems have the courage to declare their platform to reform the outmoded tax system into a “fair and equitable” system for future. This is actually supported by Paul Guppy, a Republican expert on tax issues. I believe the interpretation by my opponents is one of scare tactics and mis-informing the voters. I remember the false and fear-mongering “death panels” talk during the health care debate by similar like-minded groups. I would like to earn your vote with honesty and correct information.

Satpal Sidhu