Letters to the Editor

Pleased PeaceHealth reconsiders Day Health

I am writing to commend PeaceHealth for revisiting its decision to close the Adult Day Health program the first of next year. Currently PeaceHealth is negotiating with Lynden’s Christian Health Care Center to have the latter agency provide these much needed services to senior citizens who suffer from dementia and other debilitating chronic illnesses. The proposal is for the Adult Day Health program to remain open from Jan. 1 until such time as Christian Health Care Center is able to open their doors next year. Outpatient services for those among us who suffer with dementia should not be diminished, as the incidence will only grow as our population ages. Keeping our loved ones at home with supportive services as long as possible, and continuing to support the existence of this program for those of us in the future who will need them, should be our goal. Adult Day Health has been providing such services for almost two generations and has helped thousands in this community avoid premature institutionalization.

PeaceHealth’s response to the community’s outpouring of concern about turning out our most disabled senior citizens shows that it listens, it is flexible, and it cares. Kudos to both PeaceHealth and Christian Health Care Center for their commitment to our disabled loved ones!

Betsy Gross