Letters to the Editor

Supports Buys for another term

I believe we, here in Whatcom County, are indeed fortunate to have Rep. Vincent Buys look after our interests in Olympia.

As ranking minority member of the Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee, I believe Rep. Buys has worked hard to push legislation, which has Whatcom County’s complicated water issues as a priority, advocating tirelessly on behalf of the continued health of our salmon and other fish stock.

The welfare of farmers and our county’s valuable agricultural activities are issues high on Rep. Buys’ list. Always willing to meet with any group of citizens or attending events, I believe he listens seriously to their concerns. He is but a handful of legislators, who has made every House vote, an admirable record to be sure, and an indicator of how hard this man works for all of us here in Whatcom County.

Not only is he active in politics, but he also runs his own construction company and still finds time to do volunteer work in under-privileged nations. I believe this principled man needs our vote so that he can continue the important work he has been engaged in for the past four years.

Robert A. Sherry