Letters to the Editor

Supports Ericksen for state Senate

I was delighted to see that candidate Seth Fleetwood, 42nd legislative district, wants to end “extreme” partisanship.

I must assume that “extreme” partisanship arises when Washington state Senate Republicans have cooperated with Democrats to include them in a majority coalition. That’s as opposed to “normal” partisanship, I believe, when the Democrats control the U.S. Senate, as under Sen. Harry Reid, or control the Washington state House, where Republicans are frozen out from committee chairs, legislation, or hearings. Coalitions are neither allowed nor encouraged. Seth represents a party, the Democrat Party, that I believe rejects coalitions with opposing party politicians because they can actually pass and sometimes even have a Democrat governor sign a bill.

Sen. Doug Ericksen’s actions I believe have eased taxes, enhanced educational funding and created a non-inflammatory and sometimes effective Senate in Olympia. I suggest Seth Fleetwood return to his home base in the 40th legislative district, or perhaps volunteer his expertise to the Reid-controlled U.S. Senate, where he will begin to understand the term “extreme” partisanship.

Naida J. Deitsch