Letters to the Editor

Rejects special treatment for Native Americans

Please understand I have many Native American friends, but enough, is enough. It is not the Native Americans themselves but some of their leaders and their lawyers who I believe represent a deadly mind set. Only Native Americans can have casinos, sell goods and yet pay no taxes. Yes, the taxes they collect goes back to the tribe, not the state.

I believe the 1889 treaty with the tribes recognized them as a dependent nation, not a sovereign nation. The 1924 and 1928 acts enable their understanding as having sovereign status.

If Native Americans want to be a sovereign nation, I believe they must chose if they are fully American or on their own. I believe America cannot give them free grants of money if they chose to be separate.

Chiefs of nations and their lawyers say this is their land. The fish, water and air we breathe is theirs. Yes, we have treaties, but the world has changed. We are all immigrants, including the Native Americans, no matter who came first.

Darryl Ehlers