Letters to the Editor

Sees comparison with Venezuela and U.S.

My oh my. You mean good Cuban doctors, promised a life of money, prestige and advanced medical equipment in Venezuela, are leaving?

The former socialist nirvana failed to provide either money, prestige or medical equipment.

Our Bellingham Herald states that the workload on those Cuban doctors was crushing. Yet another socialist paradise down the drain. When will the progressives and liberals learn that when you obliterate the producers, they stop producing or flee. When will those living on a government dole, subsidized housing, medical care, or food realize that when you run out of other people’s money, you have only the power and guns of the state to take their surplus. I am becoming convinced that when their economic philosophy has laid waste to all American cities, like Detroit, liberals will finally stop and examine their values.

Venezuela is sitting on a sea of oil. The progressives and socialists still managed to bankrupt the country, place the people in poverty, and allow the left-wing elite to live like kings. The similarities to our own White House leadership are stunning.

Mark Nelson