Letters to the Editor

Says voter turnout necessary for representative government

On Sept. 15, CBC news reported that Scotland’s voter registration was 97 percent of eligible voters. Today’s Bellingham Herald reported that 86 percent actually voted; truly representative of the population.

In our 2012 presidential election, according to National Census data, only 57 percent of 18-24 year olds even registered. Only 59 percent of 25-44 year olds were registered and 75 percent of the 45-past 75 registered. Only 54.75 percent of our total registered population actually voted!

That means that a pitifully small percentage (about 15 percent) of eligible citizens of this country decided the election! (Total registered, divided by 50 percent who voted, divided by the two parties.) This does even include qualified, but non-registered citizens!

We complain about government but do not vote to change the deciders of policy. Other democracies around the world average 78 percent to 98 percentturnout. It is really scary to recognize that our older citizens have the most votes that count, a population that will disappear over time. What will become of our representative government?

Citizens have the power to demand what we know to be important and right.

Please register, no matter how frustrated you are. Donate, organize, think, discuss and exercise your vote. This country certainly needs your democratic input.

Donna Starr