Letters to the Editor

Unhappy with writer’s beliefs about president

In response to a Spt. 17 letter headlined “Unhappy with President Obama,” I hardly know where to begin. I believe the letter shows that paranoia is the little black dress of American politics: It never goes out of style. I believe it is filled with the types of false statements, including references Benghazi, claiming that there was a “stand down” order given. That is just not true, as many military officers have testified to. No order was ever given for a rescue team to not attempt to save Ambassador Stevens. By the time that a military team could have gone into action, Ambassador Stevens was already dead. No rescue team was mobilized and none were ordered to “stand down.”

Then there is the canard about the president’s college transcripts being “sealed.” College transcripts are not “sealed” but are held as confidential. They are not a matter of public record and no president has ever released their transcripts.

While President Obama did promise to bring the deficit down, new information about the economy caused him to change his mind; a mark of an intelligent man who bases decisions on facts.

ACORN didn’t cause the mortgage meltdown, neither did President Clinton.

John Gray