Letters to the Editor

Wants city to fund Adult Day Health

I am really upset that PeaceHealth has decided to eliminate the Adult Day Health program. My husband has early stage Alzheimer’s and this program was in my plans for his future care. In fact I was just about to enroll him in the program. Shame on PeaceHealth for taking support away for those who most need it. And shame on the City of Bellingham for increasing the hospital’s taxes by $1.2 million in one go.

Both organizations can remedy this situation easily. According to the article in The Bellingham Herald the cost of the program is about $100,000 per year. I suggest that the city fund this program with part of the new taxes it is collecting from the hospital. The hospital could continue to run the program and the caregivers and people with memory loss would have a program that is a life saver for them.

How about stepping up, City of Bellingham? And how about continuing this important program PeaceHealth? The community needs this service here in Bellingham. And both organizations together can make it happen. Please give us the support and help we need.

Ann Chaikin