Letters to the Editor

Calls for mandatory national service

America sat on its hands until we could no longer ignore the atrocities of Hitler and entered the war, not out of moral outrage, but in support of European trading partners.

Clinton and the Congress were distracted and Al Qaeda grew. I believe Bush was a disaster of a president who continued the level of distraction, but both he and Clinton, and the Republicans pre-occupied with his personal life (many still in Congress), own the 9/11 attack.

Now another even more radical threat looms and we are told America is war weary. What are we weary of? TSA checks? The truth is few, except the warrior class, have been involved enough to be weary. Our new-found isolationism could hold until the next horrendous attack because I believe another modern condition afflicting the majority of Americans is short attention spans and a hunger for low-information, knee-jerk ideologies in lieu of personal involvement.

I believe we need a national service/draft system. Only then will the majority of Americans pull themselves away from their insulated lives to actually participate in the decisions of our nation. To place the burden on a few, creating a separate class of warriors, corrupts the soul of our democracy. That not every single eligible voter votes in every election should be a source of national shame.

Michael Waite

Sedro Woolley