Letters to the Editor

Suggests Bellingham needs namesake statue

Congratulations to Robert McDermott for his beautiful artistry in creating the bronze statue of inspired community leader John Joseph Donovan that was unveiled in the Fairhaven district last week. That sort of artwork goes a long way in reminding us of our local history. However, I find it curious that the City of Bellingham has never seen fit to honor its namesake in like manner. Bellingham Bay, hence the city of Bellingham, was named by Captain George Vancouver in 1792 in honor of Sir William Bellingham, who was the controller of the British Royal Navy at the time of the Vancouver Expedition. It would seem that if the county building can have a totem pole and canoe enshrined in front of the courthouse, that a bronze statue of Sir Bellingham could be erected in front of city hall. Am I missing something here?

Patrick J. Guimond