Letters to the Editor

Supports Fleetwood for State Senate

Whatcom County needs a State Senator who will work for our community. I believe Ericksen is not that person. Erickson seems more interested in his capitalist friends, large corporate interests and anyone else willing to buy his influence than in the well being of our community and our future. Ericksen recently blocked a bill that would have protected Bellingham residents from dangerous, highly explosive crude oil moved by rail through Whatcom County. I believe Ericksen’s political and social record indicate that his opinions and vote are for sale to anyone willing to wine and dine him. This is not the representative the beautiful state of Washington deserves!

Fortunately, we have an alternative in Seth Fleetwood. I believe Seth is invested in Whatcom County and familiar with our local issues. Seth served eight years on the Whatcom County Council and four years on the Bellingham City Council. If you want a State Senator who is more interested in the long-term health and safety of your communities than in who can buy him the largest steak - I believe you should vote for Seth. It’s time to elect a senator who is willing to do their job and do it as well as they are able.

Alissa French