Letters to the Editor

Says Bellingham needs senior day care program

I am a Bellingham resident and am friends with a family that relies on the current Adult Day Care Program to help care for their gentle, cheerful, loving elder. His doctors and family know that he benefits greatly from the social interaction and routines of this program. It also offers a very important respite for his family caregivers.

I’ve read that Peace Health would like to have the current users of the program travel up to Lynden where a new facility is being built for Lynden residents. That seems unfair, both to the town of Lynden, which is not planning to shoulder our people, and to our people with disabilities who will gain absolutely nothing from 90 minutes of bus travel each day.

It is clear to me that as all of us age and become either patients or caregivers, there will be an increasing need for such a companionable and safe facility right here in Bellingham. As our main health care provider, Peace Health should live up to their mission of “compassionate care” and take the lead in planning and funding such a new facility, with an eye to our future needs, as well as today’s needs.

Jayme Curley