Letters to the Editor

Says Fleetwood would help state fund schools

As a parent I’m really upset that gridlock and extreme partisanship in Olympia is preventing schools from giving every child in Washington a quality education. The state’s Supreme Court has held the legislature in contempt of court for failing to fully fund schools or even to come up with a concrete plan to do so. Every incumbent should have to answer for this appalling situation.

The court’s order requires that we fund basic, common sense things that we all know work, like reducing the number of children in every class. Instead of developing a plan and working to fund it, many Republicans in the senate, including Doug Ericksen, have spent the last two years arguing about whether they need to follow the court’s ruling at all. Who cares! The legislature is failing our children, you shouldn’t argue that they can’t make you fix the problem; you should just fix it.

We need a change in Olympia. I’m supporting Seth Fleetwood who I believe has demonstrated a leadership style that is collaborative. He takes on tough problems, brings people together, and gets things done. That’s a stark contrast to the incumbent who I believe gets little done because he digs his heals in on extreme positions. Our kids deserve better.

David Stalheim