Letters to the Editor

Unhappy with legislature’s lack of action on schools

Isn’t it wonderful that our state Supreme Court has now held the legislative branch in contempt of court regarding the McCleary school funding issue, that goes back to the double levy failure at Seattle School District No. 1, all the way back to 1975. Now chapter 7 of our state law defines contempt of court in a language known well locally as English. As such, a little remedial reading class is way past due for our elected officials who have obviously had a little difficulty in grammar, civics and of course language composition. RCW 7.21.040 McClearly states; “(5) If the defendant is found guilty of contempt under this section, the court may impose for each separate contempt of court fine of not more than $5,000 or imprisonment forum to 364 days, or both.” I believe with a $5,000 fine, and almost a year in jail, the legislature could hire their own jailhouse lawyer, and teacher, to give em’ another remedial readin’, rit’in, and rithmetic class, along with a simple refresher in eighth-grade civics. At least we know that voting in the exact same high school dropouts is actually working to our advantage in Washington, building prison jobs for the same old group elected for now over 40 years. Don’t ya just love your tax dollars at work, and this is what happens after leaving your legislature behind for decades.

Todd Granger