Letters to the Editor

Worried America losing freedom, security

I believe that for the past hundred years, America has continued to follow a path similar to the paths taken by ancient Greece and Rome. Greek citizens once lived very well, by the standards of the day, and enjoyed a great deal of freedom but today Greece, long ago stripped of its greatness, is pretty much a Third World country.

Rome was also a great republic but allowed itself to succumb to the allure of ever-higher taxes, which led government employment to reach one third of the adult population. The result was a total collapse of the Roman Empire and the establishment of a dictatorship, which in turn led to the intellectual and economic decline of the Dark Ages. I believe this was brought about by coddled Roman citizens who chose security and a comfortable lifestyle over freedom. In the end, of course, they lost all three.

Thanks to the exponential growth of our entitlement system and the advent of Obamacare, Americans, as the Romans and Greeks before them, I believe are on the verge of losing all three – a comfortable lifestyle and most importantly — freedom, security.

Individual initiative and productivity are the keystones to freedom and prosperity — a hard fact most people are unwilling to think about.

America, like ancient Rome, is destroying itself from within.

Wayne Farber