Letters to the Editor

Candidate stands against tax increases

As a candidate for the 42nd district State Representative, you deserve to know where I stand on a critical issue. When talking with voters I am often met with tax anxiety and rightly so. The governor and Democrats are proposing a carbon fuel tax, an additional increase on the gas tax, a state capital gains tax, and to top it off, a state income tax.

The Washington State Democratic Party has adopted a policy on income taxes that is directly against the will of the voters. In 2010, voters overwhelmingly rejected Initiative 1098, which would have established a new state income tax by more than 64 percent of the vote. Despite the clear mandate against this new tax, state Democrats included creating a new income tax in the Democrat party platform (which can be found on their website). With our tax burden so high, we do not need an additional state income tax. The voters have spoken. We are taxed enough.

Luanne Van Werven