Letters to the Editor

Backs Fleetwood for State Senate

Here are at least two reasons to vote for Seth Fleetwood for Washington State Senate. First, I believe Seth is a terrific human being: smart, compassionate and experienced. As a state senator, I believe Seth Fleetwood will help to end the legislative gridlock in Olympia and help us solve everyday problems that Whatcom County citizens face. He will work to improve job security, increase the number of well-paying jobs, improve educational opportunities for all of our students, from kindergarten through college, protect our natural resources and ensure equal opportunity for women.

Second, I believe electing Seth would significantly improve the Washington State Senate for its citizens by replacing an incumbent State Senator, Doug Ericksen, who all too often seems to me to be concerned only with a select group of lobbyists in Olympia.

I believe that Seth Fleetwood seeks your vote in the fall for all the right reasons. Seth will help make a more effective and responsive Washington State Senate for the citizens of Whatcom County.

Kurt Waldenberg