Letters to the Editor

Says adult health program aided dad

I am writing to express my concern about Peach Health’s recent decision to terminate the Adult Day Health program for persons with Alzheimer’s disease. My father was diagnosed with this disease over ten years ago and has been attending this program for the past several years. As his daughter, I’ve watched my father change from an intelligent, engaged man to someone who is detached, confused and withdrawn. However, this program has really helped slow the progression of his disease. While there he interacts with others in a social setting , they keep his mind is active with activities and his days are more meaningful because he has somewhere to go. My mother also gets a much-needed break from the emotional toll that comes from caring for him.

When we received a letter from Peach Health announcing that, after 40 years, they were closing this program, we were devastated. Peach Health claims this to be a monetary decision that they had to make. Instead of thinking of the money they can save by closing this essential program, they should be part of the solution by committing to 1) continue their program until another facility can be built and 2) help plan and fund a new facility. These two steps would send a message that Peace Health is not a profit-driven organization, and is instead committed to maintaining and improving community health.

Beth Insera