Letters to the Editor

Remains unhappy with President Obama

I recently read the book “Boys in the Boat,” a great story about the UW rowing team that won the 1936 gold in Berlin. An underlining story is that of the propaganda machine of Nazi Germany. Two weeks ago President Obama stated “I don’t have a strategy for ISIL.” There has been blow back for that comment, then the “machine” went into action. I believe this was all Bush’s fault, because there was a relative “peace” until Bush went after Suddan Hussein — forgetting about Desert Storm and 9/11. Then last week with the report on the economy, we forget Obama had said in his first term “If I cannot cut the deficit in half or bring unemployment below 6 percent, I don’t deserve a second term.” To which last week when the economic report came out (Bush once again was blamed) forgetting about sub-prime interest rates during the Clinton administration and the pressure of ACORN that helped caused the housing fiasco. Now that some are seething at such comments, I ask the question “Why has President Obama’s college records been sealed?” I venture to say “A GOP candidate would not get a pass like this!” In 1945 the people of Germany asked themselves “How did we let this happen?” Let us not have to ask the same question. Two years after Bengazi, we do not know where Obama was that night, nor do we know who gave the orders to stand down. Ask questions, demand answers — you are an American.

Carl Angell