Letters to the Editor

Backs VanWerven for legislature

I spent my toddler years on a small farm in Oklahoma. If someone had told my grandfather he needed a permit to put up a shed, he’d have driven them to the nearest loony bin.

Yet that is modern reality. We need permission to build on our own land, and we pay for the privilege. You might think some government controls make sense in our modern world, and they do. However, bureaucrats, needing to justify their paychecks, get carried away. They become our lords, our taskmasters. They say yes or no to our projects. They lose perspective on their “power.”

Luanne Van Werven has not lost perspective. She views her elected positions as opportunities to serve us, not regulate us. After years of working with farms and small businesses she knows how to help them thrive and create jobs.

She will have our vote in November.

Joan Browning