Letters to the Editor

Says Cherry Point good place for industry

I strongly encourage elected officials to take a fact-based approach to the Gateway Pacific Terminal, a unique opportunity for Whatcom County. After several years in the construction industry, I understand we need to carefully examine environmental impacts, and base that review on facts, not innuendo and rumor. Scary suggestions like blankets of coal dust have been refuted as non-issues, even by some opposing groups. All cargo, whatever it may be, will be transported to ships in fully covered conveyors, with emission controls and air filters in unloading areas.

Coal trains pass through here frequently and have been doing so for years. The homes adjacent to the railroad don’t show signs of coal dust as purported by opponents. I would rather have a terminal like Gateway built here where we can keep an eye on how it’s being run than in another country where we have no control. Cherry Point is an excellent place for our heavy industries in Whatcom County and has been the basis for much of our community’s solid growth over the past 50 years! Without our industries at Cherry Point, this county would become even more of a have and have-not area.

For many of us who work hard for a living, this world-class terminal is long overdue. I encourage everyone to educate themselves, and avoid the emotion of politics, in favor of solid facts and law.

Ray Pierce