Letters to the Editor

Worried coal terminal would harm environment

Good for the Aug. 28 letter to the editor writer who believes the number of full-time jobs cited in the Gateway Pacific Terminal permit application as 257, not the 1,250 permanent jobs cited by Craig Cole in his opinion piece Aug. 15. Is this enough jobs to justify what I believe will be the degradation of our fisheries, increase the chance of disastrous marine accidents and covering our homes, yards and gardens with coal dust? A 2001 study of the Westshore Terminal at Robert Banks, Delta, B.C. showed that it emits about 715 tons of coal dust per year. Gateway Pacific Terminal will handle roughly twice the amount of coal. Communities all up and down the Canadian and Alaska coasts with coal terminals all complain of coal dust with it’s grime and health hazards. I believe Pacific Gateway will have huge piles of coal standing out in the wind and weather. Are we selling our birthright for a mess of pottage?

Laurita Whitford