Letters to the Editor

Says CEO compensation also aids shareholders

The author of the Whatcom View Opinion column headlined “Take time on Labor Day to recognize accomplishments” takes issue with business and quotes an unfortunate statement from the Boeing CEO to demonstrate that all businesses are evil. Just as not all workers are evil, not all business are evil. Yes, businesses invest in their company with CEO compensation packages some of us could only dream of. But the goal of the compensation is to attract CEOs they hope will labor hard to not only keep the company viable but to increase company value for its shareholders.

Do not forget who the shareholders are. Shareholders are anyone who wishes to invest in the company. A business’ stock can be found in pension plans, personal investments as well as the compensation package of the employees of that business. Many times, the stocks of these companies are available to the employee as part of their compensation package. A company such as Home Depot compensates its employees in this way. Employee labor is compensated for in both; money for them and theirs, as well as a retirement package of company stock options for when the employee is no longer able to labor. It would be a sad thing for many people if the company were to lose value or even worse, cease to exist.

Let me end by saying in honor of Labor Day, yes you did build this and job well done!

Cecilia Prela