Letters to the Editor

Says Gateway terminal will harm Whatcom County

I would like to address two issues connected to the Gateway Pacific Terminal project than I believe are overlooked; the long-term strategic value of America’s natural resources and the foreign exploitation of said resources. I believe that our resources are finite, and I believe that their depletion is inevitable and occurring at the present time. Given these inescapable realities and our dependence on fossil fuels and other important minerals, why do we allow foreign appropriation of and export of our critical natural resources? It is a fact that much of these exports go to our main economic competitors and geopolitical rivals. America’s strength is based on its remaining natural resources and the wise use thereof. Whatcom County’s strengths are based on its fertile land and clean air and water. I believe the Gateway Pacific Terminal supporters have their heads buried in tar sands to think America’s energy future and our local resources will not be harmed by Gateway Pacific Terminal and its coal trains.

Mike Sennett