Letters to the Editor

Backs slate for Whatcom County

Many people don’t vote, thinking that their vote doesn’t matter. Their apathy is understandable, considering the state of politics today – large sums of money pushing special interests and swaying the public through misleading ads. The federal Congress is tied up in controversy, getting little done, leaving major issues unsettled. But in Whatcom County we’re having a local election where you, the voter, can make a difference. The winners will decide issues that affect your daily life, the air you breathe, the roads you drive on, the education your children receive, the quality and amount of water available to your home and farm. You have the power to make changes in our way of life in Whatcom County. Who represents you depends on you and your vote. Please don’t give up on our democracy, as the alternative isn’t an option. I believe voting for Joy Monjure, Satpal Sidhu and Seth Fleetwood will be monumental in getting our local government working for us. Check their web sites and read about what motivates them and why they want to represent you. You have the power to make a difference in our county.

Naomi Murphy