Letters to the Editor

Backs Fleetwood for state Senate

It is heartening to see a proven advocate of the public interest running for the state senate in District 42. Even before his 12 years of what I believe to be exemplary service on the county and city councils, Seth Fleetwood worked hard, bringing our community concrete results like a coordinated emergency medical system. As a council member, he pursued a cleaner Lake Whatcom, using an inclusive approach to governing in which he spoke with citizens on all sides of the issues.

I believe Doug Ericksen showed his usual style of governance on the issue of oil train safety. When the House passed a sound, bipartisan bill to protect firefighters by requiring that they receive vital information, Ericksen refused to hear it in his Senate committee, made up his own bill, but then failed even to bring it to the floor for a vote. His oil and railroad lobbyist friends must have been delighted.

Fleetwood has an established record of serving the community as a whole. Ericksen has become famous for eating the most free lobbyists’ lunches of any state legislator.

What if we required lawmakers to dress like NASCAR drivers, displaying the logos of their sponsor-owners? Then it would be much easier for all to see their true colors.

Ken Kaliher