Letters to the Editor

Says U.S. security worse than ever

Unfortunately, there’s a price on peace, and it isn’t pretty.

Saddam’s chemical weapons flew to Syria as we approached Baghdad to re-stabilize the middle east in the wake of President Carter’s withdrawal of the financial rug from under the Shah of Iran. Now, due to “peace lovers” and wishful thinkers in this country, modern realities are ISIS and a reinvigorated radical Islam, 4,000 lives expended for nothing, and national security worse than ever.

Nothing meaningful is easy. People and peoples must stand up to challenges ranging from putting food on the table to peace worldwide. Wishful thinking just doesn’t do it.

Let’s admit that President Carter’s was wishful thinking when he cut support to the Shah. Lean on your kids. Teach them to take tough courses and never quit! Support State Senator Doug Ericksen and his varied initiatives affecting education, fish, farms, and factories. Condemn wishful counter-measures like the 35 percent corporate tax code, Dodd-Frank, 47 million people on food stamps, porous borders, enviro-statism, and “staff-infected” agencies. And, let’s force opinions out of politicos on all of these issues!

Terry Montonye