Letters to the Editor

Unhappy with WCC offering astrology class

Whatcom Community College is lending both is reputation and its facilities to the promotion of of what I believe to be discredited subjects unworthy of a institution of higher learning. The WCC fall Discovery Community and Continuing Education catalog includes courses in both “astrology” and “past-life regression.” I believe there is no place for the “study” of such topics at a state-funded college. WCC’s sponsorship of these events facilitates the exploitation of gullible people at the hands of pretenders and poseurs. It sullies the reputation of the institution and is antithetical to its stated objective to “foster an evidence-based culture of continuous improvement.”

The role of institutions such as WCC is to promote the free exchange of ideas. Academic freedom and First Amendment free speech must remain paramount. But there are limits. Teaching nonsense to citizens will result in citizens making nonsensical decisions.

I believe this otherwise laudable institution is misusing facilities and resources funded by taxpayers. There are plenty of private venues available in the city where charlatans can sell their snake oil. A taxpayer-supported public college allegedly devoted to the promotion of knowledge is not one of them.

WCC should drop these course offerings at once.

Paul Stephenson