Letters to the Editor

Wants Americans to avoid civil unrest

Are we really as politically divided as the media would have us believe? I believe the “news-biz” is exactly that: a business thriving on painting us in the worst possible light.

Perhaps, like moths to a flame, we, are hard-wired to be drawn more to negative stories of conflict than toward those where everyone lives happily ever after.

But must it always be “us and them,” “my way or the highway?” Are we falling prey to forgetting that a majority of Americans wants the same basic things out of life: a safe place to live and raise their families, freedom to succeed (or fail) and peaceful co-existence with their neighbors.

Do we not on the deepest level fully grasp our good fortune of living in this great country? Does America have blemishes; is there room for improvement? Surely, yes. No nation, or society, now or in the past, has a perfect record. What makes ours unique is, that with a couple of exceptions, Americans have most often found a way to compromise, found the common ground, thereby avoiding the destructive civil unrest that has torn other nations apart.

Is it not in every American’s best interest to agree, that our country’s exceptional 238 years of unequaled opportunities for the pursuit of happiness and our nation’s remarkable stability are worth preserving? Can we not agree to disagree 20 percent of the time and be content that we agree 80 percent of the time?

Lisa Sherry