Letters to the Editor

Rave: Kudos to aquatic center

In light of the news as of this past week, one might wonder if there is any good news. Turn the coin over, and let's just take a look at something that I would like to comment on within our community and that is the Arne Hanna Aquatic Center.

Everything about this facility is one of wonder and amazement to me. It meets the needs of the very young to seniors, and it meets them right where they are at. The squeal of delight and faces of joy as these precious little ones meet the water for the first time can bring a smile to many.

Not to be left out are the seniors, of which my husband and I are. As we do our "water workouts," we can feel the pain subside and replaced by the soothing of the water as it meets our needs. Complete support from our family doctor and physical therapists by telling us that going down to our local community pool is the best exercise one can get is gratifying to say the very least.

The swim teams and their opponents are another group to be highly praised, as they use our community pool.

Not to be omitted is the staff, always willing and helpful. I wanted to write a note of thanks for this wonderfully needed facility. If the squeal of delights from our babies don't get to you, the smiles on the faces of so many may just help you to forget the tragedies in Arizona.

We all need our pool to get our needs met and I thank the powers to be for providing the Arne Hanna Aquatic Center!

- Kathy Kendall, Bellingham

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