Letters to the Editor

Rave: Shopper thankful for returned wallet

I am a Canadian who shops in the Bellingham area at least twice a month. On Feb. 20 I had been to the Costco store in Bellingham and on my way to Mount Vernon I stopped to get gas for my car. When I went to reach for my wallet it was not in my purse, and of course I quickly became in a state of panic and then feeling sick. After looking everywhere, I realized that I had left my wallet with all ID, credit cards, Nexus and cash in a shopping cart outside of Costco in the parking lot.

I got in my car to make my way back to Bellingham and contacted the store to ask if anyone had turned in a wallet, and was told no. This had never happened to me before and I was wondering how I would be able to get back home, as I had no identification, no money, nothing. Huge concern.

Just as I pulled into the parking lot, Costco did call me to tell me that they had my wallet with everything intact.

I want to let the person know who turned in my wallet how thankful I am. This certainly confirms that we have great neighbors and that there are some honest people out there. I am so lucky, so appreciative, so thankful!

- Lorraine Gingras

Rave via letters@bellinghamherald.com.