Letters to the Editor

Suggests watching port commissioners

With the current discussions being held on how to redevelop the waterfront property near downtown Bellingham, everyone should note that the Port of Bellingham is a unique entity. It operates under a state law that allows development without the usual restraints and oversight put on other tax gathering and spending agencies. This law originated in 1911 and there are now 75 Port Districts all over the state.

The three port commissioners for Whatcom County are elected for four-year terms. The rest of the staff members are appointed by them. The contests for port commissioner are not usually high-profile campaigns. Supporters are often developers, of course. Our commissioners are dedicated citizens working for what they believe will benefit us most. I agree with some of their comments and am appalled by some of their actions.

My suggestion is that all of you carefully note what each of our commissioners says and does — and remember their actions when they are up for re-election.

Barbara Davidson