Letters to the Editor

Calls for new leadership at port

Thursday night a public meeting over the waterfront redevelopment was called at the Depot Market Square. This was a chance for the government to simply listen to the public. The Port of Bellingham refused to attend.

The port works for us, and refusing to attend a public meeting, where it is the lead manager, is disrespectful, irresponsible and juve-nile. Earlier this week the port leadership sent letters to a number of other state and federal agencies detailing the difficulties it was having with the city, making public this spat and thereby putting future grant funding that this project needs at risk.

There are simply no excuses adequate for sending out this letter, and now refusing to attend a public meeting. The port asks us to put up at least $300 million of our hard-earned tax monies in its hands for this project. If you think the port is not listening to the public now, wait until it has our money secure in its hands.

Not with this behavior. Heads need to roll.

Doug Karlberg