Letters to the Editor

Says Bush had war enablers

Atop the pyramid sits one man ultimately responsible for the dreadful, worsening mess in Iraq: President Bush. Indeed, “The Decider,” the wannabe Johnny Appleseed of American values in the Middle East, fired the first shot.

However, closer inspection reveals that Bush is not alone atop the pyramid. To his left sit the majority of Americans who supported the war; to his right sit the 77 senators who authorized the war. Without these enablers, this war would not be.

Two Bush war enablers are front-runners in the race to be the 2008 Democratic presidential candidate: Sens. Hillary Clinton and John Edwards.

They voted to authorize the war. Sen. Barack Obama, the third frontrunner, opposed the war from the beginning.

Those who regret supporting the war now claim they “made a mistake,” or were “tricked.” This begs the question: Why were multitudes of other people, including myself and the 23 senators who voted against authorizing war, not “tricked”? Why could I, and not the enablers, see through the flim-flam of Bush’s case for war?

I want — the world yearns for — a keen president not prone to being “tricked” when it comes to making the most solemn call of all: commit the nation to war, or not.

Jerry Lesniak Bellingham