Letters to the Editor

Favors universal health-care plan

I agree that the healthcare system needs attention now. Your “Our View” editorial rightly points out that too much money paid by insurance holders never makes it to actual health care — 31 percent, actually (New England Journal of Medicine, 2003), compared to 3 percent for Medicare.

Your editorial welcomed “with open arms any innovations.” However, you are wrong that no one has come up with a plan that can guarantee quality of care while reducing costs.

There’s a name for such a system: a universal single payer system; there’s even a bill in Congress, HR676, to implement it. Under a single payer system, everyone pays according to their income, as with Social Security; and everyone is covered, regardless of financial, employment or health status.

The government handles the financing, not the delivery of health care, and the insurance middlemen are cut out. Costs go down, coverage goes up.

Every other advanced country on Earth already has universal health care. Read all about it at pnhp.org or healthcare now.org.

Ken Kutner Bellingham