Believes IS gives Islam a bad name

I believe IS and Muslim are of the same. Yes, they say they are peaceful, but I believe 15 to 25 percent are radical. Those radicals are the ones who give all other Muslims a bad name They are of tribal nature fighting with each other and condemn any who are against their religion, as per beheadings and terrorism. They say they are the only religion, either you convert or you are eliminated. I do not know a single religion that has the same mindset. All I know is Christian. Yes, there were barbaric Christians, but the world has tamed down and other denominations are in concert for peace.

Muslim nations are of many different tribes, and I believe men cannot agree on anything but power and violence. Christians preach to love, do we ask removal of all Muslims because of Sharia law or the Quran? Christians pronounce love to go to Heaven. Is Heaven for Muslims another place? The Muslim world would not want others to proclaim the same elimination, so why don’t peaceful Muslims scourge the radicals? The sad part is that I believe their children are being brainwashed to keep the hate going,with many subservient wives can overpopulate and control democracy.

Darryl Ehlers