Our Voice: Election roundup and reminder: Mark your ballot

For those procrastinators who have yet to vote, get moving.

Tuesday is the last day to drop off or mail your ballot for the general election. If if you are mailing your ballot, it must be postmarked by Tuesday and remember that the post office does not stay open late that night.

We always recommend voters do their own research, but in order to help that research along, we make suggestions regarding candidates and state initiatives.

The opinion page of a newspaper provides perspective that can’t be found anywhere else. We question candidates and those sponsoring ballot measures. We get incumbents to go on the record and we give challengers a chance to prove themselves. That insight is what we use when we make our recommendations, and then we share that with our readers.

A quick synopsis of our suggestions can be found at the end of this column.

For those who want a reminder of what led to these recommendations, go to our web page at www.tricityherald.com and look under the opinion tab.

This will give you a chance to scroll through our recent editorials on the election. Or, if you want to look up a specific race quickly, use the search bar.

Running for office takes a bit of courage, especially for those new to the game, and it takes a lot of time and energy to do it well.

For those challengers who entered the race to give voters a choice, we thank you. Incumbents shouldn’t get a free pass just because they have been in the job for a while. A campaign forces elected officials to defend themselves and justify their position on the issues, which is important.

The election deadline is almost here. So be a good citizen, do your homework and vote.


Initiative 591: No

Initiative 594: No

Initiative 1351: No

State Supreme Court: Debra Stephens and Charles W. Johnson


U.S. Congress 4th District: Dan Newhouse

State Senate 8th District: Sharon Brown

State House of Representatives 8th District: Larry Haler

State House of Representatives 16th District: Maureen Walsh

State House of Representatives 16th District: Terry Nealey

Benton County

Prop. 14-7 Advisory vote on Conservation Futures Fund: Yes

Benton County commission: Shon Small

Benton County assessor: Mary Phillips

Franklin County

Franklin County commission: Rick Miller

Franklin County clerk: Byron Pugh

Franklin County sheriff: Jim Raymond