Herald recommendations roundup Nov. 4 election

Since August, the Tri-City Herald editorial board has been listening to candidates and studying the issues on the ballot. We hope voters are taking the same steps.

For the past three weeks we have been publishing our recommendations on who to elect. We tell readers who we recommend and why. Full recommendations can be found on our webpage at tricityherald.com under the opinion tab, http://www.tri-cityherald.com/editorials/?rh=1

Every year our recommendations are met with some angst and some gratitude. Some readers prefer we keep our opinions to ourselves; others appreciate the effort.

We doubt anyone takes our recommendation and votes a “straight ticket” with us. Even members of the editorial board don’t vote for all of our recommendations. The intention of our recommendation process is to provide one more tool in the voters’ election toolbox and to share with the community our priorities and thought process.

When marking your ballot, do your homework. Listen to the candidates. Weigh your personal values with the good of the community.

Also, we appreciate those who run for office, even those we don’t recommend — maybe especially those we don’t recommend. It’s an exhaustive and consuming process. Voters are better off when they have choices. Incumbants are forced to defend their record when someone else puts their name in the hat.

Election day is almost here. You probably already have your ballot. Study it. Mark it. Return it. Our system of government depends on informed voters.

Statewide recommendations

Initiative 591: No

Initiative 594: No

Initiative 1351: No

State Supreme Court: Debra Stephens and Charles W. Johnson

Regional recommendations

U.S. Congress 4th District: Dan Newhouse

State Senate 8th District: Sharon Brown

State House of Representatives 8th District: Larry Haler

State House of Representatives 16th District: Maureen WalshState House of Representatives 16th District: Terry Nealey

Benton County recommendations

Prop. 14-7 Advisory vote on Conservation Futures Fund: Yes

Benton County commission: Shon Small

Benton County assessor: Mary Phillips

Franklin County recommendations

Franklin County commission: Rick Miller

Franklin County clerk: Byron Pugh

Franklin County sheriff: Jim Raymond