Our Voice: Grateful for partnerships that make a difference

Much can be accomplished when people work together. This Thankful Thursday editorial is devoted to new and old partnerships.

Passing the test

The continuous stream of different standardized test requirements in the public school system over the years has made it tough to believe the latest system is better than any others.

However, this new program has something past assessment tests did not. This one can help students bypass placement tests in college.

Public universities and community colleges in the state have agreed to place students who score a 3 or higher on the Smarter Balanced Assessment test into college-level math and English courses.

In the past, many students entering state colleges had to take placement tests, regardless of their grades and past standardized test results.

But it makes sense that students who graduate from high school should be ready to handle entry-level college classes. This new arrangement means expectations are finally the same between high school and college officials, which has not been the case in the past.

It is good to see public high schools and public colleges finally will be in sync.


The annual Octoberfest Food Bank Food Drive is in its 13th year and brings about a great infusion of donations to the Tri-City Food Bank.

It is put on by Yoke’s Fresh Markets, McCurley Integrity Dealership sites in the Tri-Cities and Walla Walla and Russ Dean Family RV in the Pasco Autoplex.

People can either drop off nonperishable food items at the dealerships or they can participate at Yoke’s by purchasing a “Food Drive Food Bag.”

The dealerships are also donating a portion of their sales to help the food banks, with the goal of exceeding last year’s total of $33,615.

The food drive has brought in almost 370,000 pounds of food since it started.

Helping the needy in our community is important, and with summer over and the season for fresh produce nearing its end, canned goods will be even more in demand.

Food drives such as this one help people put some food in their pantry. We are grateful to live in such a generous community.