Letter: Our education needs

I am disappointed with our government policies in many areas. Good policies are ignored. Other policies are not designed to promote the general welfare but to stymie further development of our country. Where are those like our forefathers who sacrificed for the people instead of self promotion?

1. Our government was designed to protect us from injustices, protect us from foreign and internal enemies, and promote the general welfare. We are a country of real religion of highest principles, not of clans of hate, terrorism nor criminal behavior. Yet some fight freedom of religion and want the lowest common denominator of living all equally poor.

2. Congress often sees educational development as throwing money on a fire. Does Common Core education try to standardize learning instead of develop the highest possible learning methods of our greatest scientists and examples of leadership? You can answer that.

3. Congress now is looking for revenue from those with addictive behavior problems. Is this the reasonable and best source or should it be in higher productivity and work?

4. Our educational system is far down the list of world methods. Many college students cannot write lecture notes and fail because of this. There is a simple solution to this learning problem.