Our Voice: Thumbs up/Thumbs down

Yellowstone Trail

Thumb up to days gone by.

Some people have never heard of the Yellowstone Trail, even though they probably still travel on it.

It opened in 1912. The cross-country route from Massachusetts to Seattle, with a quick side trip to Yellowstone National Park, was once the way to drive across the northern part of the nation.

The Great Depression put a damper on traveling for entertainment and when we implemented the interstate highway system, lots of those historic routes fell to the history books rather than on a list of well-traveled roads.

But the route, for the most part, still is in tact and goes through the middle of small town, USA.

West Richland is rekindling that part of our area's heritage.

The community is working together with donated materials and volunteers to beautify a newly acquired park on Austin Drive. Last week the city council chose Yellowstone Trail Park for new park's name.

There's a lot of opportunity for a city when they are part of the Yellowstone Trail.

For example, two years ago Benton City dedicated its annual Benton City Daze to the trail. Other cities along the historic route host similar celebrations. Hamlet, Ind. (pop. 790) has an annual Yellowstone Trail celebration -- complete with Miss Yellowstone Trail -- and when traveling through Wisconsin tourists can collect stamps from 12 different cities for their Yellowstone Trail Passport.

It will be fun to see what the Yellowstone trail brings our way.

To the calendar faux pax.

Thumbs down to people who don't know the difference between cats and dogs. We're betting the designer the WSU planner can tell the difference between Huskies and Cougars as well ... now.

Washington State University students will have a keepsake -- maybe not one that they want. The school planner for this year features a photo of University of Washington on the cover.

If you're not a Cougar fan, you might find it humorous. If you are associated with WSU, it's not that funny.

And although rivalries seems to pick up a little bit during football season, these two schools don't really need the push. It's a year-round activity in Washington.

Report time

Thumbs down to playing the waiting game.

Another rivalry between UW and WSU is being played far from the football field. It has to do with medical schools and the Tri-Cities has an interest in the game.

A fuller explanation was in Sunday's paper.

This board has been approached by both universities on the issue; we are not taking sides yet, but we did have our interest piqued months ago, that was we expected in July.

We are interested in a feasibility study commissioned by WSU that they will share with the public.

Yesterday's story said the draft of the study "raised more questions than answers" so they sent it back and expect it to be finished this month.

We have to wonder if both universities couldn't be a little more transparent in the process.