7. What improvements need to be made in the nation's energy policies?

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7. What improvements need to be made in the nation's energy policies?

Estakio Beltran -- The developments that originated at Hanford provide 20 percent of our nation's energy supply today in over 60 nuclear plants across the country. That is why I'm going to work towards enacting legislation that will allow us to reprocess unspent nuclear fuel rods so that we can stop purchasing uranium abroad and start using resources we have at home. It is unacceptable that despite this technology originating here, we have lost our leadership in that area to countries like France and Russia.

George Cicotte -- The 4th District is sitting on a goldmine of information, knowledge, and wisdom from 70 years of dealing with all aspects of nuclear energy. As we work toward completing Hanford cleanup, we can utilize our expertise to harness new energy for the area and for the country. We have the technical and scientific know-how to develop nuclear energy efficiently and safely. It is time to allow our area and the nation to put our expertise to productive use.

I support an all-of-the-above energy approach that includes development of multiple energy sources. This plan will provide cleaner energy, and will reinvigorate our area with new jobs, new research, and new technology.

Energy independence will also decrease our dependency on imported oil, and increase our autonomy in foreign affairs. This will allow us to better assess our role in the international arena.

Clint Didier -- Candidate has not provided a response.

Janea Holmquist -- First, we need to take care of our energy resources. I will start by reintroducing Congressman Hastings' "Saving Our Dams and New Hydropower Development and Jobs Act." The measure recognizes hydropower for what it is: renewable, affordable, and clean. The legislation would also preserve our dams and allow us to expand our hydropower infrastructure, among other provisions.

Secondly, the Columbia River Treaty is being renegotiated. Treaties are a way of making law without going through both chambers of Congress. It is critical that this treaty does not circumvent our lawmaking process by making unnecessary concessions that would change how our dams operate and interfere with our rights to access the Columbia River for irrigation, power, and perhaps even recreation.

Our prosperity hinges on cheap and plentiful power. The Columbia River Treaty must protect and augment both.

We also need to reduce burdensome regulations, complete the Keystone pipeline, and expand the use of clean nuclear power.

Our Nation needs to support the continued development of new energy technologies, and let the market decide what powers our future. That's why the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory is so vital to our area's economic well being. Focusing on innovations that can be brought to market will help spur the economic growth we need.

Commercializing Pacific Northwest National Laboratory's innovations combined with the efforts of our economic development associations from TRIDEC in the Tri-Cities to the Yakima County Economic Development Association in Yakima will help spur private-sector growth in our region.

These energy policies will create jobs, expand the economy, and usher in another era of prosperity for all Americans.

Kevin Midbust -- End the Federal Reserve. Companies will then have the money to invest in their business. They will be able to invest in research for newer and more efficient technologies. Companies will become more encouraged to invent and create technologies that are less damaging to the environment. A prosperous society tends to be a cleaner and healthier society.

Dan Newhouse -- We need to pursue an "all of the above" policy that makes us less dependent on foreign sources of energy. We should promote renewables, but we also must continue to pursue domestic sources of fossil fuel, and we should expand our nuclear power use and protect our hydroelectric power production.

Gordon Allen Pross -- Propulsion magnet generation. Department of DOLE. Department of Lunar Energy, in harnessing the tide. Nuclear Solar, Geothermic

Josh Ramirez ---- Renewable energy needs to be emphasized, as fossil fuels are a limited source, and relying on foreign energy sources is unreliable and not an energy policy that supports strong national security.

Tony Sandoval -- The nation's current energy policy has a multitude of issues. However, climate change is going to be at the forefront of any changes as it is an unpredictable component of fiscal planning, energy efficiency, and energy security. Until more concrete knowledge can forecast future climate changes, it is unclear on how to solidly a permanent plan.

Gavin Seim -- We need to let the States manage their energy as they see fit.

Glen R. Stockwell -- We need to get control of our nation's banking system, fire the Federal Reserve (established 1913), retake control of the American Tax system (IRS) hijacked by the Federal Reserve (1913), dismantle the CFR (established 1917), and put current corrupt politicians into prison!

Continued answer to your question;

Until we clean house in Washington DC from the corruption from 1913 - Nov. 22, 1963 - Henry Kissinger & Zbigniew Brzezinski introduced into Congress in the early 50's, 60's, 70's until today and who killed President Kennedy and others, we will never have a national energy policy!

Please consider watching the explanation of Political corruption in this video http://youtu.be/WHYdLge-rtY

The Man Who Killed Kennedy: The Case Against LBJ "He Tied A Stick Of Dynamite To A Dog..."

Doc Hastings said at the Adams County Lincoln Dinner in 2012 to the crowd "I have never understood who controls the world oil"!

The control of all world petroleum industry is in large part controlled by 3 people currently living today (they are all near death now). They have control the oil monopoly in nearly every country and the energy policy of nearly every country in the world for many years!

They have also control the US energy policy for many years! Who controls the oil markets around the world is kind of an important issue. Want to know who they are? Ask me, but 1st ask George Cicotte. I have been listening to George speak about how far superior and intelligent he is on a multitude of issues facing our district, state, nation and the world.

I have listened to George also explain how ignorant the rest of us are compared to him for 4 different occasions at forums! In Othello, I gently corrected George about an assertion he made to the crowd at the Theater concerning how important "his little written contract is" compared to everyone else's candidate promotions.

Let's allow George, to show the Tri-City Herald panel and the other candidates how intelligent he is first?!

George and other candidates have been promoting the national debt of our country is between 16 & 17 trillion dollars (I have him on camera making these statements).

Regrettably, it would be great if that were true, but it isn't! Our debt is far, far higher than 16 or 17 trillion dollars! Too many erroneous facts are taken off of the AP wire and other news sources and they are repeated again and again until they are considered to be a national fact!

I think George is a nice person, but we don't need George in Congress simply because simply because he is not knowledgeable enough on district, state, national and international monetary facts!

We have too many ignorant Politicians already in office and we don't need one more, in my opinion! Example of one very dumb Congresswoman;

Oct. 13, 2013, Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee Suggests Martial Law to End Government Shutdown! Video http://youtu.be/pnSkOB9jic8

I am running for office not for financial gain, not for a boost to my ego, but to save our nation! I know this sounds self-serving and I apologize to you for that, but my patriotism in saving our nation comes 1st before being nice to George!

I will be challenging George at your meeting to a public debate on the financial issues!

To be direct to your question, we need to stop all importation of oil to the US, open up our oil fields for the US consumption. For the long term our energy policy should be "Hydrogen and Electric vehicles" and the good news is the technology already exists! By going in these two directions especially electric, "Washington State will become the Saudi Arabia of the United States"! We will clean up the environment by reducing the emissions of the automobiles across America!

Richard Wright -- Candidate has not provided a response.