9. What do you believe are the top three priorities for this District in Congress?

Editor's note: The candidates' responses to the following question are exactly as submitted, without any editing.

9. What do you believe are the top three priorities for this District in Congress?

Estakio Beltran -- The first priority is jobs. My campaign is dedicated to putting Washington back to work. This starts with immediate investments towards a long-term vision that will grow our economy.

Second is innovation. I could harness every dollar in the Federal budget and bring it here to create new industries, but it does no good if our workforce isn't prepared for it. That is why I am committed to making the necessary long-term investments to guarantee that jobs we bring to Washington stay in Washington.

Third is accountability. The cleanup at Hanford and water for our farmers are too important of issues for the government to shut down. There is a huge economic risk when our representatives stop doing their job and accountability is crucial. The first bill I introduce as a Congressman will be the "No Work-No Pay Act" which will require those in Congress to forfeit their salaries when they shut down the government and instead dedicate that money to reducing the deficit. You and I don't cash a paycheck for not doing our job-neither should they.

George Cicotte -- 1. One priority is fixing the damage to our economy caused by the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare). As I have listened to citizens throughout the 4th District, many have cited Obamacare as their top concern. My local agricultural clients are facing enormous new taxes under Obamacare - some as high as $20,000,000 per year.

Obamacare's new taxes are increasing the cost of labor and reducing confidence in our economy -- all job killers. My Contract with Eastern Washington provides a path to sustainable health care, based on proven economic principles.

2. Our federal budget imbalance is another top priority for our District in Congress. If we fail to balance the federal budget and rein in the ridiculous spending habits of Washington D.C., there won't be adequate resources for Hanford cleanup, the Columbia Basin Project, the Yakima River Basin Enhancement Project, or even funding to repair potholes in our highways. Right now, 50% of the federal budget is spent on healthcare and retirement benefits. I have spent 20 years helping businesses trim spending on healthcare and retirement costs while maintaining benefits. I can bring these skills to Congress to help balance our federal budget, so that our District can continue to thrive.

3. Finally, we need to look at the individual Constitutional rights and responsibilities of the citizens of the 4th District. Farm projects, job creation, and infrastructure improvement are good, but I don't know one person in this District who isn't concerned about the executive branch's continuing disregard for the Constitutional balance of powers, and the steady erosion of our rights. I've practiced law for two decades, and I'm ready to take my expertise to D.C. to help insure that governmental overreach stops. It takes more than just posing with a gun in a TV commercial to understand the intricate web of Supreme Court rulings on guns, and how best to defend our Second Amendment rights. That's just one example of how my expertise will protect this District, the Constitution, and the erosion of our rights in Washington, D.C.

As a side note, people in this District and across the nation have lost confidence in politicians and in our government. I'm going to do all I can to restore faith in our government by setting a personal example of capable leadership, hard work, and personal


Clint Didier -- Candidate has not provided a response.

Janea Holmquist -- My three priorities are the following:

Agricultural Security -- We should not be in a position where the United States depends on foreign countries for our food supply. This includes ensuring water storage and protecting our dams.

National Security -- Maintain a strong national defense and a constant state of readiness.

Economic Security -- Return America to prosperity by creating and preserving jobs by reducing burdensome regulations on businesses, lowering taxes, replacing "ObamaCare" (and restoring the private insurance market) and limiting government.

These issues are not something we should entrust to a "freshman" legislator whose first term in office will be on-the-job training, but someone who has extensive and proven experience in the legislative arena, unquestionable conservative principles, and a drive to deliver.

Kevin Midbust -- Ending the Federal reserve to return the value of our dollars, returning the Federal Government to a constitutional state, and pursuing happiness.

Dan Newhouse -- 1. Debt & deficit reduction -- Our national debt is threatening Social Security, Medicare, and a host of essential government functions. It also puts our nation's credit rating and economic growth at risk. We have to get our budget deficit under control, and I will support a Balanced Budget Amendment.

2. Repealing and replacing the Affordable Care Act -- Because of this law, Central Washington residents are dealing with more government bureaucracy, cancelled health plans, higher premiums, Medicare cuts, loss of doctors, and even job losses.

3. Agricultural issues -- We are an ag-heavy district. We need immigration reform to ensure a stable workforce. We need increased water storage for our arid farmland. We need sensible land-use decisions made locally, not by federal bureaucrats. We also need government policies that promote a healthy business and trade climate.

Gordon Allen Pross -- END THE FED. Build the dollar. Implement carriers.

Josh Ramirez -- Most of 4th District's largest townships have the highest poverty rates in Washington State, and above the state average of 16 percent (with the exception of Richland). Yakima is the highest, at 34 percent. This is absurd, especially since this is our district. In order to stabilize our local economy and enable our citizens to provide an adequate living for themselves, we must return jobs to the area. With my research I have found we can restore over half a trillion in annual tax revenues in America, without raising middle class taxes, restore 28 million jobs to the U.S., millions will no longer need welfare programs, we can completely eliminate the budget deficit, and start paying down our national debt. This can be accomplished by returning the jobs to the U.S. that have been shipped to China and other countries. Without these jobs, our economy will never fully recover, and just repealing Obamacare would fix less than a quarter of the budget problem that my plan solves altogether by job restoration. By bringing our jobs back our district could gain over 60 thousand of those jobs. This will add thousands of new customers to our ailing small business customer base, resulting in significant economic growth to our district.

For anyone who works at, or is affected by the work at Hanford, you know that the ups and downs of the federal budget year to year wreak havoc on the efficiency and momentum of the cleanup effort as well as the lives of the people who work at the site. We have to plan our work and then work our plan - but this is very difficult when the funding for the site relies on the mood of Congress. Solution: lock in Hanford's funding for 5 or 10 year periods. Furthermore, Tri-Cities must start planning for our future beyond the cleanup effort, which means working closely with D.O.E. to determine phase-in periods for other industries as the Hanford cleanup wraps up.

Add job opportunities to 4th District by fully supporting TRIDEC on local initiatives such as MCEI and FABREO. The Mid-Columbia Energy Initiative (MCEI) and the Food and Beverage Retention and Expansion Opportunity (FABREO) are two initiatives that TRIDEC has been working on diligently to increase opportunity in our district. I will fully support these initiatives as part of my Reshore, Restore, and Revitalize objective. My experience at Hanford, DOE, PNNL and in agriculture and renewable energy, in addition to my education, certification, and experience in project management has prepared me well to represent and fight for our district's economic goals and projects.

Tony Sandoval -- Answer: I see six

1. Protecting the interests of agriculture

2. Immigration Reform

3. Promote policies that would contribute to job growth in Eastern Washington

4. Ensure that WA State trade disagreements are addressed and resolved to ensure that WA State remains the largest export market for U.S. Apples and other agricultural commodities.

5. Clean up the Sanford Reservation as safely and expediently as possible

6. Reform the Affordable Care Act.

Gavin Seim -- Constitutional accountability, less government, less taxes.

Glen R. Stockwell -- Since the district is so large the question is very restrictive.

1. Impeaching Obama and replacing him with Vice President

Biden! Obama came to power to finish destroying America!

It only takes 219 votes in the house and we have them


2. Auditing and Firing the Federal Reserve (Rothschild's

Worldwide Banking Monopoly), placing liens on all US

properties and other assets nationally and internationally!

3. Acquiring the monies required for the cleanup of Hanford,

the completion of the Snake River, Columbia Basin and the

Yakima Basin projects.

One thing I have learned in life is;

"We can read the news or take action to make the news"! As your next Congressman, Washington State will be recognized as the leading state in the Nation for renewing the economy and bringing thousands of jobs to Washington State, the nation and the World for decades to come!

Richard Wright -- Candidate has not provided a response.