10. Who do you go to in the District to get solid council and advice on our issues?

Editor's note: The candidates' responses to the following question are exactly as submitted, without any editing.

10. Who do you go to in the District to get solid council and advice on our issues?

Estakio Beltran -- I go right to the people. The other day I visited a community center for seniors in order to get some input on complex issues like social security and services for those with disabilities. There's no better way to find out what concerns constituents have than by going to them, asking questions, and simply listening.

George Cicotte -- As an active citizen of the District, I have a broad network of trusted advisors. These include Kadlec CEO Rand Wortman and other Kadlec executives for health policy concerns, Roger Hastings for financial matters, Dade Moeller executives and scientists Matt Moeller and Steve Merwin on scientific issues including climate change, Craig Eerkes and Allen Brecke on charitable donations and community leadership, and Judge Sal Mendoza on criminal law matters. I turn to my wife Wendy for counsel on personal and spiritual matters.

Clint Didier -- Candidate has not provided a response.

Janea Holmquist -- I go to my bosses -- The People. Accessibility is a priority.

For over a decade, one day per month, when the Legislature is not in session, my Office has held meetings for my constituents in every county of my district.

I will continue to hold these "District Office Days" as your Congresswoman. They are open to anyone, and you get to meet with me individually, one-on-one.

I have never forgotten who my bosses are, and I make it a priority to stay in touch with you.

Kevin Midbust -- The Internet.

Dan Newhouse -- This varies based on the issues. As a legislator, I always enjoyed the ability to talk to those most directly affected by the decisions we made in Olympia. I wouldn't talk to an insurance salesman if I needed information on the dairy industry and I wouldn't talk to a hop grower if I needed advice on education reform. I was born and raised in the Yakima valley which has afforded me the great opportunity to meet hundreds of people, any of which who would be willing to listen and share their experiences.

Of note, Sid Morrison has always been helpful to me during my career, Jerome Delvin was my mentor and friend when we were in the legislature and more recently, Mayor Steve Young has been very helpful in helping me understand the complexities of the Hanford site.

Gordon Allen Pross -- I have a cabinet, and consultants. This is all work product.

Josh Ramirez -- I have a group of fellow veterans, educators, Hanford experts, economists, and agricultural experts who I consult with regularly.

Tony Sandoval -- Because of my high level of continuous involvement in my community politics and statewide, I often talk directly to those involved in lobbyist activity, business owners, other politicians, community members, and the common public. It's important to comprehensively speak to all levels of constituents to get a collective knowledge of the issues effecting my community and our state. To represent the people you have to know them and their concerns. To represent my state, I have to take those to DC.

Gavin Seim -- It's citizens.

Glen R. Stockwell -- It depends on the issue at hand. But the 1st thing I always do is ask the Good Lord to help guide me on all issues. As my Grandfather Roy told me many years ago, "Glen, it is hard to listen with your mouth open"! Regrettably at 64, I have found out Grandpa was right!

Listening, collecting information is an art and without collecting the true information, poor decisions are always made! I have been a student of history for over 35 years (studying with a passion). As your next Congressman for the 4th, I will be required to make not only local decisions that will affect the citizens in the 4th, but also national and international.

Examples of my knowledge gathering abilities;

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I realize, I am speaking to a group of local leaders who have spent a lifetime gathering the news and you are aware of this historical statement!

"Without history, a society shares no common memory of where it has been, of what its core values are, or what decisions in the past account for the present circumstances".

Richard Wright -- Candidate has not provided a response.