Downtown needs shelter before the winter arrives

I have lived three pleasant years at the Boardwalk Apartments. Addressing homelessness showed up as my civic duty, so I volunteer at a local agency. I have since made frequent contact with clients and potential clients while living my normal life.

Interfaith Works (SideWalk & Women’s Emergency Shelter), Catholic Community Services, Bread and Roses, the Union Gospel Mission the Salvation Army shelter and Thurston County Food Bank attempt to fill the needs of homeless folks here.

I see some significant failure in all this effort, since I often walk around folks resting on cardboard or camping in a vehicle until the Mission opens for a meal.

My parents would not tolerate this state of being in their neighborhood; why should we?

Yes, hospitality has its limits. Should some individual abuse our kindness, we could be firm. So, the People’s House has met another roadblock; whose job is it to bring it back home and plant it?

I urge you, reasonable people all, to get behind the plan for a supervised all-weather shelter, before this coming winter. I am offended to see my new home town in this dingy light.