Our Voice: We're grateful for all the ways to be involved

There's always something going on in the Mid-Columbia. There's something to see, listen to and enjoy. It's a major part of what makes us a great community. And there's always a way for you to be involved in what we all call "home."

Seeing green

April is a month for flowers, yard sales and spring cleaning. Visit gogreentricities.org, a new website that helps with all three of those areas -- plus more.

The site promotes businesses that are eco-friendly and helps the public to recycle and reuse.

A calendar on the website lists ideas and events that help you participate in your community. For example, it lists a guided wildflower walk on Badger Mountain for this Saturday. There also is a class for composting and a children's clothes consignment sale.

There's also a how-to section that includes ideas like using nontoxic cleaners and a do-it-yourself energy audit.

Being aware of our own consumption is a good way for us to use less, help more and cut down on our waste.

April is Earth Month, but anytime is perfect for being a good steward of our planet.

Concerts coming

Washington State University Tri-Cities doesn't have a basketball team to send to the Big Dance. It also doesn't have a drama department to put on plays and musicals. It does, however, have an outdoor stage and possibly as early as this summer there will be concerts on it.

The school has contracted with Riverfront Concerts to put the new outdoor stage to use.

The Columbia Center Rotary Club provided the stage last year. The school provides the venue and the student body. The concert company will provide the entertainment and set the prices.

It will be exciting to see the lineup.

We agree with Chancellor H. Keith Moo-Young that arts are important to the university and to the larger community.

This will be one more reason for people to come to the campus. At the same time, the concerts will provide a fuller and more-rounded education for students who choose to attend the branch campus.

Portable museum

It's a great opportunity for anyone who has the chance to visit Hanford's B Reactor. And we hope that more people will get that experience soon.

In the meantime, and to supplement your visit when you get the chance to go, the new Ranger in Your Pocket website gives you a pretty good tour without even leaving your house.

The website has video and audio segments that tell the story with words and pictures.

You can't help but feeling drawn in with exciting titles like "The general's secret" and "Just plain dead."

The project was funded by the M. J. Murdock Charitable Trust and the city of Richland.

If you can go to B-Reactor, do it -- and watch the videos before, during or after your trip. If you can't go to the reactor, watching the videos still will give you that museum experience.