Our Voice: Seahawks championship -- a day worth celebrating

Remember that summer when now-Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson played baseball for the Dust Devils in the Tri-Cities? We do.

Do you have any friends on this side of the mountains who are Seahawks season ticket holders? We do.

Do you know, work with or live next door to the 12th Man? Us too!

The Mid-Columbia is definitely part of the Hawk nation.

So congratulations to the team and the fans are in order.

Making it to the Super Bowl is an honor -- one that fans celebrated in 2006. There is a certain hype and thrill that builds as the regular season ends and playoffs begin.

Then, after the division champions are crowned, it's two weeks of hopeful ecstasy! Mixed in with a little trash talking aimed at the other team.

We had been that far before.

But winning the big game is not just the next step; it's a whole new level of excitement.

Bringing home the Lombardi Trophy was fun for the whole state -- fans and non-fans. It also has been good for business, especially businesses selling items imprinted with a big 12!

It has also been good for people who sell food and beverages -- and those people who enjoy food and beverages -- and lots of other products. Apparently there is even a spike in blue and green manicures.

Pete Carroll and his team were feted in grand fashion Wednesday, enjoying the first championship parade for a team in one of the four major sports in the city of Seattle since 1979. Seattle officials estimated the crowd along the parade route at 700,000 while owner Paul Allen, addressing a celebration at CenturyLink Field, said 1 million fans crammed downtown streets, The Associated Press reported.

The game is over. The parade is over. But that euphoria hangs on. And we suspect it may well carry into next season.

And although Malcom Smith was named MVP, we're thinking the trophy belongs to a whole lot of people.

Thanks to owner Paul Allen who said he bought the team as a civic duty. Thanks to early sponsors that kept the Hawks in business during those "building" years.

Thanks to the team. And maybe we do have a soft spot for Wilson since he did spend that one summer during his college years here with us. Another thanks to Wilson for his class-act sportsmanship.

Not only is he an admirable athlete on the field, he is the kind of young man you would want your own boy to emulate off the field.

And thanks to the fans.

A winning team and its fans have a symbiotic relationship. They depend on each other for survival. There's a reason for the term "hometown advantage."

It's easy to cheer for a winner. Quite likely some of the Seahawks fans are fairly new to the bandwagon. Others have been hanging on for years.

To the new fans, welcome to the club. Feel free to stay right where you are. For the diehards, go ahead and revel in your (our) glory. You have definitely earned it.