Our Voice: We're grateful for all the Super Bowl excitement

Today it's all about football.

Even those among us who aren't sportsminded have to be feeling a little bit of Seahawks fever.

And for every 12th Man out there -- it's more like Seahawks delirium.

Perfect worker

Diego Montes has been a dedicated and dependable employee for 12 years. His boss, on a whim, decided to reward him handsomely.

Shawn Linhoff, owner of Perfection Glass, knew Montes was a fan -- a big fan -- but that there was no way he was going to New York to see the Seahawks' Super Bowl performance.

So Linhoff decided to make it happen. He bought the game ticket, plane fare and hotel.

All we can say is, "Wow! What a great story."

Certainly there are people who wish they worked for someone like that. But we suspect there are even more people who wish they were able to be a boss like that.

We're grateful for people's generosity and kindness.

We can't all swing the dream trip of a lifetime, but we can all share a compliment or word of encouragement.

Cutting edge

It also must be a thrill for barber Mark Baysinger to be invited to the Super Bowl so he can cut the hair of some players before they take the field on Sunday.

Baysinger would have been honored just to cut one player's hair, and he got that chance last summer. Since then he routinely goes to Seattle to keep several of the team members well groomed.

People who use the same barber or beautician over and over develop a relationship with them. There is something about sitting in that chair that gives us permission to open up and talk about things that are important.

For a lot of people it's more than a haircut, it's a bond and a friendship.

Typically, hair grows about a half-inch a month. So -- really -- you don't need to take your barber with you to a football game. You easily could get the haircut before you left and still look great on game day -- in your helmet.

And although most of us don't travel with our stylist, we might travel with friends and other people who are significant to us.

Mark Baysinger must be both.

Hawks Hikers

And how about a shoutout to every 12th Man -- there were hundreds -- who converged to climb Badger Mountain. Hundreds of fans turned out recently to hike together.

Busloads of them, in fact.

They practically covered the mountain.

What a great way to get off the couch, show community support and rub shoulders with like-minded people.

It's an exciting weekend to be a Seahawks fan, a commercial connoisseur, a foodie or a socialite. And it's fun to be a part of it.